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Web Developer

I am a designer and a coder.


I write MEAN stack code. Clean, DRY, and modular. My favorite framework is Angular. My favorite database is Mongo.


I design with Adobe products. I'm ok if Sketch is your thing too. What matters is that every pixel is loved and has a place.

WordPress Guy

WordPress is a happy medium between design and code when you need an affordable business website. I happen to design with WordPress too.


Recent Projects

Ready To Wed Screenshot

Ready To Wed

MEAN Stack

Zombie Church

Website Design - WordPress

Mom's Morning Out Scheduler

Firebase and Angular

Mom's Morning Out

Website Design - WordPress

Ryan Christian Media

Website Design - WordPress


MEAN stack

About Me

Looking Behind

I have a background as a web designer, a pastor, and a police officer. It's a pretty strange combination. The one passion that has been a constant for me is people. I love to connect with people, especially through beautiful and functional design. In 2015 attended Galvanize's gSchool, a 6 month full stack Web Development program. I honed JavaScript based skills like Angular, jQuery, Mongo, and Node. It was officially a new path for me as I dove deep into the Web Development process.

Looking Around, the present, you know, now

I currently work for a company that makes Angular apps with various back end technologies. Most of My time there is spent on front end work with Javascript and Angular. In my free time I also design websites and apps from the ground up and maintain existing websites.

What I’m looking for next

I thrive in a creative environment. I love to see projects start from the ground up and see them through to completion. I have back end development experience, but I prefer front end development, UX, and UI because I love JavaScript and I love visuals. I'm excited for what's coming up next.

My History

  • 2011 - 2013

    Up and Coming

    I started out by learning HTML, CSS, the Adobe Suite and WordPress. I built websites as side projects while I worked a full time job.

  • 2013 - Present

    Ryan Christian Media

    I started a small business, Ryan Christian Media, as a WordPress shop. I continued to work this as a side business, loving every minute.

  • 2015

    Planning pays off at the Galvanize Full Stack School

    In the summer of 2015 the time arrived when I left my job as a Deputy so that I could attend a 6 month web developer school at Galvanize Denver. #levelup (formerly gSchool) is where I got started with full-stack learning. I got my start with Full stack Javascript, test driven development, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Angular, jQuery, Node, APIs, JSON, Git version control, and pair programming.

  • 2016

    I worked remotely for the new Denver office of Accedo (formerly Digiflare), a Toronto based company, building media and TV applications for the Roku media player.

  • 2016 - 2017

    I worked for Polaris Alpha, writing Javascript in the Angular framework. I worked to initiate the upgrade of enterprise applications from Angular.js 1.x to Angular 4+. I worked to reach out and better collaborate with the UX/UI and design resources, resulting in better design ideas, dialogue, and cooperation with Systems design and engineering.

  • 2018

    I work for Charter Communications, building Angular apps. I spend my personal development time with Javascript and the MEAN stack, and I learn on sites like pluralsight.com. I speak at local events like Develop Denver and Denver's Node.js meetup.

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My name is Ryan Ciecalone.

 Email me at ryan@ryanchristianmedia.com

 Call me at (719) 357-8067