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Web Developer

I am a designer and a coder.


I write MEAN stack code. Clean, DRY, and modular. My favorite framework is Angular. My favorite database is Mongo.


I design with Adobe products. I'm ok if Sketch is your thing too. What matters is that every pixel is loved and has a place.

WordPress Guy

WordPress is a happy medium between design and code when you need an affordable business website. I happen to design with WordPress too.


Recent Projects

Ready To Wed Screenshot

Ready To Wed

MEAN Stack

Zombie Church

Website Design - WordPress

Mom's Morning Out Scheduler

Firebase and Angular

Mom's Morning Out

Website Design - WordPress

Ryan Christian Media

Website Design - WordPress


MEAN stack

About Me

Looking Behind

I have a background as a web designer, a pastor, and a police officer. It's a pretty strange combination. The one passion that has been a constant for me is people. I love to connect with people, especially through beautiful and functional design. In 2015 attended Galvanize's gSchool, a 6 month full stack Web Development program. I honed JavaScript based skills like Angular, jQuery, Mongo, and Node. It was officially a new path for me as I dove deep into the Web Development process.

Looking Around, the present, you know, now

I currently work for a company that takes large data sources and transforms them into usable things like D3 charts and documents, graphs, and maps. Most of My time there is spent on front end work with Javascript and Angular. In my free time I also design websites from the ground up, maintain existing websites, send out email publications and the like.

What I’m looking for next

I thrive in a creative environment. I love to see projects start from the ground up and see them through to completion. I have back end development experience, but I prefer front end development, UX, and UI because I love JavaScript and I love visuals. I'm excited for what's coming up next.

My History

  • 2011 - 2013

    Up and Coming

    I started out by learning HTML, CSS, the Adobe Suite and WordPress. I built websites as side projects while I worked a full time job.

  • 2013 - Present

    Ryan Christian Media

    I started a small business, Ryan Christian Media, as a WordPress shop. I continued to work this as a side business, loving every minute.

  • 2015

    Planning pays off at the Galvanize Full Stack School

    In the summer of 2015 the time arrived when I left my job as a Deputy so that I could attend a 6 month web developer school at Galvanize Denver. #levelup (formerly gSchool) is where I got started with full-stack learning. I got my start with Full stack Javascript, test driven development, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Angular, jQuery, Node, APIs, JSON, Git version control, and pair programming.

  • 2016

    I worked remotely for the new Denver office of DigiFlare, a Toronto based company, building media and TV applications for the Roku media player.

  • 2016 - 2017

    I work for Intelligent Software Solutions , writing Javascript in the Angular framework. I spend my personal development time with Javascript and the MEAN stack, and I learn on sites like frontendmasters.com. I speak at local events like Develop Denver and Denver's Node.js meetup

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My name is Ryan Ciecalone.

 Email me at ryan@ryanchristianmedia.com

 Call me at (719) 357-8067